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The Digging Deeper Daily (3D) reading plan follows a blended chronological and thematic approach to reading the whole Bible. Every day you will read two Old Testament passages (usually in differing genres, prose and poetry) and one New Testament passage. This plan will help you see the unified message of the Old and New Testaments. 

Each Daily Bible Reading Podcast (DBRP) episode runs about 24 minutes. In each podcast I read all three passages for that day in the 3D reading plan. I give a brief introduction before each portion I read, giving background information and reminding you what we read in the last episode. I don’t preach. Each podcast ends with a short prayer which I hope will help start you out in your personal prayers. Complete recordings are available covering the whole NLT and GNT Bibles.

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For all the answers to your questions about everything DBRP, please read the README FIRST PDF file linked in the header of this site.
Phil & Gale's story has been moved to the README First file also.