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Dec 15, 2015


This is the introductory episode to the Daily Bible Reading podcast for anyone starting in 2016. I’m Phil, and I invite you to join me in a year-long journey through the whole Bible. I’ll drive the tour vehicle— or maybe it’s a time machine, and you sit next to me in the passenger seat. Our road map for our journey is a reading plan that I named Digging Deeper Daily. There will be no dull days along the way, because each day has three different kinds of readings. For instance, for the first reading, we’ll start at the beginning in Genesis, and then move chronologically through Bible history. The second reading every day is Old Testament poetry, and we begin with the oldest book in the Bible— the book of Job. Our last reading each day is from the New Testament, where we’ll start with the earliest written Gospel— the Gospel of Mark.

I’ll share short introductions before each of the three daily readings. My aim in the introductions is to help you recall what we read the day before, to help you connect the dots, and to challenge you to dig deeper in your personal study. Then at the end of each podcast, I’ll lead briefly in a prayer— asking God to help us apply what we have just read. I say an Amen at the end of my prayers because I hope you will continue to pray after the recording stops.

You may have noticed that it seems that I will do all the sharing, and you will just listen. I hope that won’t be how it is with you! If your desire is to maximize the impact of God’s Word for yourself and others, then I encourage you to join the Digging Deeper Daily online community and share together with me and your fellow travellers. To see how to join the community, please see the Sharing Together page at

If you are joining us on the tour this year, I want you to know that the DBRP is a no-frills production, and this program is not my full-time job. No background music will be provided. If you find a mistake, please tell me about it via the online community. Be sure to include the chapter and verse reference.

My day-job is as a Bible translator. My wife is Gale, and the focus of our work for over 30 years has been in the country of Indonesia— where we have led two New Testament translation projects to completion. Currently we are working on translating the Old Testament into Plain Indonesian. When I started the Daily Bible Reading Podcast at the beginning of 2014, one of my major goals was to leave the recordings as a legacy for our three children and four grandchildren. For more information about us, please see the Our Story page at

You can listen to the DBRP on any smart device or computer. Find the details at Unless you are driving a car while listening, it’s a great idea to read along with the podcasts, as this will double your retention of God’s Word. The most convenient way to do that is to use the YouVersion Bible reading app on your device or computer. Then, within the app, sign up to follow the Digging Deeper Daily reading plan.

One last detail: In the 2016 podcasts, we will be reading the Good News Translation. The 2015 podcasts were based on the NLT (New Living Translation). You can listen to either set. For more information about the two versions, please see the DDD plan page at

May the Lord bless you ’real good’ through His Word in 2016!