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Let's make it convenient for you to listen to the DBRP!

Jul 24, 2017

If you are using a computer, then an easy way to listen is to just bookmark and keep coming back to But if you would like to use a smart phone or tablet to listen or read the Bible, then keep reading. 

If you are following the Digging Deeper reading plan on your smart device using the YouVersion/ reading app, I recommend using our DBRP listening app in tandem with the Youversion reading app. Start the listening app first, and then open the Youversion reading app and find your day's readings while listening the introduction.

The DBRP listening app allows you to switch the sort order from Newest —> Oldest to Oldest —> Newest. This could be helpful in finding your next day's podcast. 

Apple devices:
Install our FREE app via the App Store at THIS LINK or by searching in the App Store for the ‘daily bible reading app’. Recognize the DBRP app by this icon:

Android devices:
Install our FREE app via the Play Store at THIS LINK or by searching for ‘dailybiblereadingpodcast’ (all mushed together in one word).Recognize the DBRP app by the icon above.

Other good ways to listen:
Some other good ways to listen include iHeartRADIO, or for Apple device users, you can subscribe to the DBRP using iTunes or inside the native Apple podcast app.

For both Android and Apple devices: There are a huge number of other podcast aggregating apps, and with almost all of them, you can subscribe using this RSS feed: I recommend that you use an app that allows you to see the episode notes.

If you want to access the DBRP episodes in an Internet browser but do not like the appearance or organization of this web site, then I suggest that you will probably like our BlogSpot site. This site lists all the episodes for the current month, and older episodes are organized by month and year. The search box at the upper left also works to quickly find the episode number you want.