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Jan 31, 2015

Greetings. Thanks for reading or listening to this special announcements podcast.

As I prepare these podcasts, I find get worried about details like recording quality, the length of pauses, or things I may say too often. If you find something annoying or if I have missed something in editing, please tell me about it...

Jan 31, 2015

Yesterday we wrapped up Genesis with Jacob's very prophetic

blessings for each of his sons. Then we heard of the conclusion after

Jacob was buried and finally Joseph died.

Exodus is clearly a continuation of the story of Genesis, since the first word is And. Tradition holds that Moses is the author. The name Exodus...

Jan 30, 2015

In yesterday's reading, Jacob blessed Pharaoh, Joseph lead powerfully during the worst of the famine, Jacob blessed Ephraim and Manasseh, putting the younger Ephraim above his older brother. (And if you remember Jacob's story you'll konw where he got that idea.)

We turn to Job...

Jan 29, 2015

In yesterday's reading, Jacob arrived in Egypt with his family. Excluding more extended family, the whole group numbered 70 people at that time.

We turn to Job 29, which is his 4th chapter of monologue. Today Job speaks of his former blessings.

Translation notes:

12 For I...

Jan 28, 2015

In yesterdays two chapters, Joseph's brothers went back

to Egypt with Benjamin, Joseph's younger brother. Joseph

contrived a creative way to reveal his identity. When Pharaoh

heard about Joseph's brothers, he helped provide for Jacob's

family to come to Egypt.

We turn to Job...