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Jun 30, 2015

Yesterday we heard interesting glimpses of Solomon's international relations and commerce. Notably, the queen of Sheba came to listen to Solomon's wisdom and to ask questions of him.


How precious the Word of God is to us!



Jun 29, 2015

The temple was completed! And yesterday we heard Solomon’s very wise prayer asking God to fulfill his promises and help the people of Israel. In his prayer, he recognized that the people of Israel would not be able to remain faithful to the Lord, but that they would sin and then need to repent. Solomon asked God to...

Jun 28, 2015

Safed the Sage: Concerning Rest

A parable from G. William Jones' book, The Innovator: The Diamond

Jun 28, 2015

Yesterday we heard lots and lots of details about the building of the temple. A man from Tyre, Huram, must have been a wonderful and artistic technician in working with bronze casting. He corresponds to the two craftsmen who designed and constructed the first tabernacle.


Jun 27, 2015

Yesterday we heard of the incredible size and wealth of Solomon's dominion, and his wisdom in organization is evident. During his reign, Israel was prosperous as never before or afterward. Solomon contracted with King Hiram of the Sidon to get the materials needed for the construction of the temple.