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Jul 29, 2015

One catches so clearly how trapped Jeremiah is in the time of God’s judgment. What the Lord told Jeremiah in yesterday’s reading is repeated in Revelation:

“‘Those who are destined for death, will die;
those who are destined for war, [will die in//to] war;
those who are destined for famine, [will die in//to] famine;
those who are destined for captivity, [will die in//to] captivity.’

There are times when no amount of ‘good living’ will give you health, wealth, and prosperity.

Here is the first of five Hallelujah psalms. Our friends, Tom and Judi Oas, visited us from Arizona. They have just retired from Wycliffe. Judi reads this psalm for us.

The topic of this chapter is still related to that verse from Jeremiah that Paul quoted about boasting. And this chapter builds on what Paul has just said about wisdom.

Translation note:

17God will destroy anyone who destroys [his/this] temple. For God’s temple is holy, and you are that temple.