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Aug 29, 2015

Hang on! We’re almost through with the names chapters!

I highlight another proverb. And I must say that it is hard to choose just one verse to highlight:

9Love prospers when a fault is forgiven,

but dwelling on it separates close friends.

Today in the armor portion I am reading from our Plain English Translation, which is the English translation of our Indonesian translation. This translation explains the metaphors, which may seem overly pedantic to you in English. However it helps many of our readers. This translation helps the reader understand how the various parts of the armor are actually applied or ‘picked up’ and ‘worn’.

PET: 10 As final instructions, you should each become strong because you keep on hoping completely in the Lord's amazing power, and also because you have become one with Him. 11 Just like a soldier wears his equipment for war, you must wear all the battle equipment that God gives us. In that way you can reject the devil's lies. 12 For we aren't fighting against people on this earth. But we fight against evil spirits and all the powers who rule those evil spirits. They're the ones who now control this dark world from the sky above. 13 That's why you need to use all the tools of war from God, so that when the enemy comes to attack you, you won't run, but can oppose him and keep enduring until the war is over.

14 So stand firm. Hold on to the true teaching from God, because true teaching is like a belt that makes you ready to act. Live a righteous life, because a righteous life is like a metal vest that will protect you from the enemy's attacks. 15 And keep holding on to the Good News about Christ. That news helps you to feel calm in the protection of God. Continually hold on to that news, just like a soldier always wears strong boots, so that you stand firm in war. 16 Besides that, keep believing in the Lord. For your [fully believing/faith] is like a shield that protects you from all of the flaming arrows that the devil shoots at us. 17 Keep on being certain that God has saved you, because that is like your war helmet. And hold onto all of God's words like holding a sword, because His words have the power of the Holy Spirit.18 Always pray in every situation. And hope completely in the Holy Spirit for everything you need. You should be alert for things that need to be prayed for. Don't give in! And keep praying for all of God's people.

19 And I hope you'll pray for me too. Pray that the Lord gives me wisdom so that I will speak boldly when I give the Good News that used to be kept secret. 20 For I'm God's messenger to tell about His kingdom, even though at this moment I'm in prison and bound with chains. So pray that I can tell the news from God with boldness, according to my duty.

21-22 [PET: Our beloved brother, Tychicus, has brought this letter to you. He serves the Lord very faithfully as our brother in being joined as one with the Lord. I also sent him so that he could give you news about my situation and ministry, so that you can know about our situation and so that he can strengthen your hearts.