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More about Bible Translations

Apr 26, 2017

There are basically four types of Bible products: I urge that everyone have a literal translation (like ESV, NASB), because literal translations show you the word-for-word form of the original text. Because of being literal, such translations cannot give you a good impression of the overall meaning of the text expressed...

Shovels for Digging Deeper

Apr 26, 2017

These sites will help you dig deeper!

And please share the results or questions from your digging at

Lumina.Bible includes these translations: New English Translation (NET), ESV, HCSB, International Standard Version, and NASB. This site makes it easy to view the...

Apr 8, 2017

[Pictures for this podcast are in the attached PDF file. To see the pictures using our DBRP listening app, in the player screen, hit the little icon that looks like a package with a bow on top.]

Hi, Friends!

I'm back from a productive trip to Indonesia and want to share some prayer requests with you. First, the edition...