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About our reading plan

Jul 24, 2017

What's special about the Digging Deeper reading plan?

It is important to consider what plan to follow in reading the Bible! I find I can't share about this without telling my age and sounding like I am boasting, so here goes: I will soon be 66 and have read the whole Bible yearly for the last 46 years. I know from experience that some reading plans are not fun to follow. That is why I designed this plan to be practical and doable— taking only 20 minutes per day to finish the whole Bible in a year. And these things make the DBRP plan unique and interesting:

  • Each day there is a reading from Old Testament poetry, and those books are taken in Bible order starting with Job and ending with Isaiah.

  • In the first half of the year, the DBRP plan tells the Old Testament story in its logical and chronological order— which is also the ordering given in the Bible. In the second half of the year, some retelling of history (starting with 1st Chronicles) is mixed in with the major prophets of Jeremiah and Ezekiel— so that correspondences between what was foretold and the fulfillment are more easily seen.

  • I like a plan that gives you something from the New Testament every day. I have arranged the New Testament books according to chronological and thematic considerations and with the Gospels spread out during the year. My goal was to help the reader see correspondences between the Old and New Testaments and follow themes in the New Testament. For instance, the Gospel written for the Jewish audience— Matthew, is followed by NT letters directed to the same audience.

  • Cohesion and Seeing Correspondences: The DBRP plan begins the year with the Bible's oldest book (Job), plus the story of the beginning of the world (Genesis), and the earliest written Gospel (Mark). At the end of the year, stunning correspondences can be seen between the minor prophets, Isaiah, and the book of Revelation. If you listen to the podcasts, I give brief introductions to each reading— reminding you of what has gone before and pointing out correspondences that show the amazing unity in God's Word.
  • Convenience: The integration of our Digging Deeper Daily reading plan in the YouVersion Bible reading app makes it easy to keep track of your reading progress using any smart device. Our own DBRP podcast app for Android and Apple devices makes it easy to automate listening to the podcasts. See how to get the DBRP app for your device by scrolling down on the landing page of this site. The Bible app and the listening app make it easy to do what you want— whether that be to just read the plan, just listen to the podcasts, or do both at the same time. If you will be reading along in a real printed Bible, you can print the reading plan that is currently found in the ReadMe First PDF file linked in the header of the site.