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DBRP Categories Explained

Jul 24, 2017

You can access the Categores through the Episodes menu at this site, and from the menu button on the upper left in our DBRP listening app.

Blog Posts are text-only posts like this one, and they hold the most important information about the DBRP. The About link in this site's menu will give you a directory of these posts.

The main categories for Bible readings are:

GNT devotional Bible readings and NLT devotional Bible readings

The podcasts of the whole Good News Translation we done in twenty16. And the podcasts of the whole New Living Translation were first made in twenty14 and some of them were revised and improved in twenty15 and twenty17.

NET devotional Bible readings is a series that I have just started. These podcasts follow the same Digging Deeper Daily reading plan, but there are two parts to each episode. The first part has a plain number (like zero zero 1, zero zero 2, etc.) and the second part has a number followed by the letter C. The plain numbered episodes follow my normal pattern of 22 minute podcasts— three readings and a prayer. The podcasts numbered zero zero 1C, zero zero 2C, etc., contain extended comments on the readings, which I hope will help you to dig deeper.

JoySightings are for fun! This is where I share my love of parables, and especially those of Safed the Sage. I also have recorded the allegorical Tales of the Kingdom and Tales of the Restoration by David and Karen Mains. The two books by the Mains are great for grade school children, and adults enjoy them too! The parables of Safed are delightful, but they contain King James-styled English that can be difficult for children.

DayStarters Are re-releases of the NT readings from the GN series, and starting with the Gospel of John. These normally run 7-8 minutes, including the intro and the prayer at the end. Our daughter Hannah requested these to be a beginning activity in the home school day for Ava and Joel.

News Posts are audio podcasts where I share information about such things as changes in our listening apps, community information of note, and news about our family and our mission work.

Joy of Translating is a series I began with four podcasts on the translation of Mark 1-2. The episodes include my own translation of those chapters, and more in-depth commentary about the challenges of translating the Bible. I'll get back to this project someday!

Devotional Bible readings is the category I first used from twenty14 to twenty16. I don't recommend you use this category. If you are searching for an episode from that time frame that has not been re-released this year in the GNT or NLT categories, it would be easier to search for the episode you want by number (such as _3 6 5, or NL-DBRP_3 6 5, etc.).  [Spaces were introduced so that this post doesn't come up when people search for day numbers.]