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May 31, 2016

Let’s turn to 1SAMUEL 23-24.

As David fled from Saul, he went for help to Ahimelech the priest. He needed food and wanted to consult with the Lord, and it happened that Ahimelech also gave him Goliath's sword. All this resulted later in Ahimilech's death and the deaths of all of Ahimilech's family.

We turn for the second time to PSALM 104.

This psalm also starts and ends with the same refrain, the same one as in Psalm 103. This psalm expounds on the majesty of God, especially as seen in His creation.

Translation note:
21 The young lions roar while they hunt, looking for the food that [You provide//God provides].
31 [O Lord, may your glory//May the glory of the Lord] last forever! May [You//the] Lord be happy with what [You have//he has] made!
32 [You look//He looks] at the earth, and it trembles; [You touch//he touches] the mountains, and they pour out smoke.  
33 I will sing to [You, O Lord my God//the Lord] all my life; as long as I live I will sing praises to [You//my God].
34 May [You//he] be pleased with my song, for my gladness comes from [You//him].

Turning for the second time to ROMANS 8:

The power behind the new lives that God wants us to live is the Holy Spirit. A side observation here: We can see that the Holy Spirit can equally be called the Spirit of God and the Spirit of Christ (vs. 9-11). He is the power for transformation in our lives. But having God's Spirit in our lives does not mean that we will not suffer. In the second half of today's reading, note the Holy Spirit's role for us in the midst of our sufferings. Then at the end, note the wonderful promises given to us!

Four times in this chapter Paul refers to us as God’s sons. GNT translated this as children, and that is an acceptable translation. But today I will read those four verses using ‘sons’ instead. Just as men feel a bit squeamish about being included in the ‘bride of Christ’ in Ephesians, I am sure there are some of the women listeners who will not feel comfortable being included as sons. But look for the treasure here! This passage and Ephesians 1:5 show that we are given legal adopted status as sons. In Roman law, the adoption of a son could not be undone. God has made the unchangeable decision that we would be his sons and have all the rights and privileges of that status. Thank the Lord for our union with his Son, Jesus!