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Aug 20, 2017

This is the podcast where we read the Scriptures in day number 4 in the Digging Deeper Daily reading plan. There will be another episode with the same name ending with 004C, that will contain my comments. May the Lord bless you real good, and bring you hope through his word.

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The Scripture texts quoted are from the NET Bible®, which can be found at The copyright© dates are from 1996 to 2016, and the NET text is used by permission of Biblical Studies Press, L.L.C.  All rights reserved.

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In Genesis 5, we heard the overview of the descendants of Adam and Eve up to Noah. In chapter 6, Noah was further introduced. Also the reason for the flood was explained.

JOB 4:
In chapter 3 Job cursed the day he was born and expressed his deep misery.

Remember that in the speeches of Job’s three friends we will see a mixture of truth and error. In particular, we should not follow Eliphaz’s example in today’s chapter. The Bible tells us repeatedly that we are not to trust or listen to communication from spirits. We will read the second chapter of Eliphaz’ response tomorrow.

In Mark 2, Jesus shocked his listeners by first forgiving a paralyzed man’s sins before actually healing the man’s body. And in three other events in chapter 2 we can see the beginnings of the conflict between Jesus and the teachers of religious law and the Pharisees.


Job 4:6 NLT How come//Doesn’t] your reverence for God [doesn't/0] give you confidence?
[Perhaps you place too much confidence in your own integrity.//Doesn’t your life of integrity give you hope?]

[Translation note: I have interpreted the two questions in v6 as rebuking rhetorical questions and translated them as statements. See the note about rhetorical questions below at the end of Mark 3.]

Job 4:6 NET Is not your piety your confidence, and your blameless ways your hope?

Job 4:13 NET In the troubling thoughts of [my//the] dreams in the night when a deep sleep falls on men,

Job 4:15 NET Then a [spirit— moving like a] breath of air [passed//passes] by my face;
it [made//makes] the hair of my flesh stand up.

16 It [stood//stands] still[,//.]
[GNT I stared, but couldn’t tell what it was. Then I heard a voice out of the silence.
//NET but I cannot recognize its appearance;
an image is before my eyes,
and I hear a murmuring voice:]

Job 4:17 GNT “Can anyone be righteous in the sight of God  or be pure before his Creator? [Of course not!]
Job 4:17 NET “Is a mortal man righteous before God? Or a man pure before his Creator?

Job 4:18 NET If God puts no trust in his [heavenly] servants
and attributes folly to his angels,
Job 4:19 NLT how much less will he trust people [like us, who are] made of clay!
[We//They] are made of dust, crushed as easily as a moth.//
NET how much more to those who live in houses of clay,
whose foundation is in the dust,
who are crushed like a moth? //

19 GNT Do you think he will trust a creature of clay [like you],  a thing of dust that can be crushed like a moth?

20 GNT We may be alive in the morning,
but die unnoticed before evening comes.
//NET They are destroyed between morning and evening;
they perish forever without anyone regarding it.

Job 4:21 [PCF Our whole lives suddenly collapse leaving nothing behind us,
And we leave the world without gaining wisdom.
//NET Is not their excess wealth taken away from them?
They die, yet without attaining wisdom.


Mark 3:10 NET For he had healed many, so that all [the others] who were afflicted with diseases pressed toward him in order to touch him.

Mrk. 3:10 NLT He had healed many people that day, so all the [other/0] sick people eagerly pushed forward to touch him.

Mark 3:19 NET and Judas[, the man from Cariot//Iscariot], who betrayed him.
Mrk. 3:9 GNT and Judas[, the man from Cariot//Iscariot], who betrayed Jesus.

Mark 3:22 NET The experts in the law who came down from Jerusalem said, “He is [being controlled//possessed] by Beelzebul,” and, “[He gets the power to cast out demons from Beelzebul— the ruler of the demons.//By the ruler of demons he casts out demons.]”
22 GNT Some teachers of the Law who had come from Jerusalem were saying, “He has Beelzebul in him! It is the chief of the demons who gives him the power to drive [demons//them] out.”

Mark 3:23 NET So he called them and spoke to them in parables: “[It is not possible that Satan would drive out his own demons.”//How can Satan cast out Satan?]

23 NLT Jesus called them over and responded with an illustration. [It is not possible that Satan would drive out his own demons.”//“How can Satan cast out Satan?” he asked.]

Mark 3:25 NET If a house[hold] is divided against itself, that house[hold] will not be able to stand.

Mark 3:26 And if Satan rises against himself and is divided, he [and his kingdom will//is] not able to stand and his end has come.

Mark 3:27 [PET I am here as Satan’s enemy and came to snatch away his possessions. No one would be so foolhardy as to simply go in and try to steal from a very strong man’s house. First he would need to tie up the strong man, and only then can he go into his house and steal his possessions.
//NET But no one is able to enter a strong man’s house and steal his property unless he first ties up the strong man. Then he can thoroughly plunder his house.]

27 GNT “No one can break into a strong man's house [like Satan’s dominion] and take away his belongings unless he first ties up the strong man; then he can plunder his house.

Mark 3:30 [He said that] (because [the Law experts were saying//they said], “He has an unclean spirit” ).

Mark 3:33 33 [NLT Jesus  replied, [“Let me show you the kind of people whom I regard as my mother and brothers!”// “Who is my mother? Who are my brothers?]
//NET He answered them and said, “Who are my mother and my brothers?”]

33 GNT Jesus answered, “[I’ll tell you who my mother is. And I will show you who my brothers are!//Who is my mother? Who are my brothers?]”

[In verse 23 and 33, Jesus was not asking real questions. He was using rhetorical questions to open the topic he was going to teach about. In our translations in Indonesia, we frequently changed Jesus' rhetorical questions to statements. This is because in many languages (and really even in English) people do not use rhetorical questions as their topic sentence at the beginning of a teaching. So if we didn't change such questions to statements, our readers would wrongly think that Jesus was unsure about what He was talking about and that He often started by asking his audience for advice.]