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Nov 25, 2017

Hey! Welcome to this day number 6 in this series of the Digging Deeper podcast where we are reading from the NET.

I hope you have already looked around our web site at If you are new to listening to these podcasts, I hope you will look at the blog posts page. There are just a small number of posts there, and I recommend every listener read these two:

  • DBRP categories explained. This helps you to understand the Categories that you can see at our web site and our free DBRP listening app. If you are using some other way to listen, the information in that blog post will help you search and find what you are wanting.
  • Let’s make it convenient to listen to the DBRP! This blog post tells you how to listen on almost any smart device. If you are listening using Facebook or Youtube, the episodes there are incomplete.

Please see the attached PDF for this episode via the wrapped present icon in the listening apps, or use the download button just below the episode player on our web site,