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Nov 25, 2017

Hi! This is NE series number 006C. The C at the end of the number stands for Comments. I hope that you have already listened to the NE-DBRP_006 podcast. If you’re not driving or doing something else with your eyes, I suggest opening the PDF file attached to the NE number 6 podcast. It would be helpful also to have a copy of the NET Bible open so you can check out the footnotes I mention. All my podcasts are hosted at

If you are using a tablet or computer, the site makes it easy to see the footnotes in the NET Bible, plus good tools for looking at the source language Biblical text, and more. The NET’s footnotes can also be seen in the Youversion Bible reading app if you have activated Notes in that app’s settings.

I want to use more elaborate formatting than is possible in the podcast episode notes. So I have attached a PDF with the text of this podcast. To see the podcast at the DBRP web site, click on this link. There is a PDF download link there below the podcast player. Or using our DBRP listening apps, you click on the wrapped present icon inside the episode player.