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Jan 14, 2018

Hi! This is NE series number 010. If you’re not driving or doing something else with your eyes, I suggest opening the PDF file attached to this podcast. It would be helpful also to have the NET Bible open so you can check out the footnotes I mention. One good place to open the NET Bible is at

Sorry for many of you who started listening to the NE series and then found that your episodes ran out after day 9! I try to put out complete information, but people find and start listening to these podcasts through various sites, platforms and apps, and so if you are one of those surprised by the episodes running out, sorry! The NE series is my current project and episodes will come out (when I am in the USA) about once per week. Here are three ways to be in the loop about what is happening with this series and others of my podcasts:

Previously I released the first 9 episodes in the NE series in two parts, with the second part having a C at the end of the name. In this and the following NE podcasts, both parts will be rolled into one, but the format will be the same. After I finish reading the three Bible portions, I will invite you to pray with me. For those of you who only have time for the normal 24 minute episode length as in the GN or NL series, just stop listening after that prayer. For those who want to listen to the comments, just endure ten seconds of silence, and I will be back with the comments. The PDF file attached to this podcast will include both the Bible text that I read, plus my comments. The episode notes will just give brief introductory information like what I am reading now.

If your podcast player does not allow you to see or download the PDF files mentioned, you can get them at, or you can get everything if you download our Android or Apple DBRP listening app. For information about how to read the 3D plan, or to listen to more podcasts like this one, please see If you have any questions at all relating to these podcasts or our Digging Deeper Daily reading plan, please see the ReadMe First PDF file that is linked in the site header of

Open the PDF file that gives the complete episode notes when viewing this episode at our website, or using the wrapped package icon in our podcast app.