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May 2, 2021

JOSHUA 22-23:
Yesterday we heard the detailed list of the cities of refuge— the cities set apart for anyone who happened to kill someone accidentally. Following that was the list of the towns that were given to the priests and Levites.

This psalm by Asaph was dedicated to Jeduthun, whose name means ‘praise giver’. Asaph worries about this: Has God changed? Why doesn’t He help us like He helped the Israelites in the past? I have chosen again to read this from the CEV rather than from the GNT. The CEV makes it clear that this whole poem is a prayer to God.

ACTS 27:
Yesterday we heard Paul's defense before King Agrippa. Paul didn't hesitate to speak convicting ideas to his own judges. Instead of listening, they stood up and left. They admitted that Paul was innocent, but quite frankly, it must have been more politically expedient to get rid of Paul by sending him away to Caesar— in accordance with Paul's own request.

GNT Translation note:
[HCSB By now much time had passed,//We spent a long time there,] [so that it was//until it became] dangerous to continue the voyage, for by now the Day of Atonement was already past. So Paul gave them this advice:

NLT Translation note:
10 And I said, “This [seems to be//is] my fate;
the Most High has turned his hand against me.”