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Jun 15, 2020

Absolom first stole the hearts of all Israel by being a shrewd politician. Then he mounted a rebellion against his own father. David fled Jerusalem to avoid bloodshed, and as he left, he planted several carefully chosen people to work for him.

PSALM 115:
I know I have said it a lot, but can’t help saying it again: This is one of my favorite psalms. Our God is so different than idols. He is in heaven and does whatever He pleases.

Having told of his plans to visit Rome on his way to Spain, and how he must first go to Jerusalem, Paul now turns to greeting his friends in Rome. I really enjoy this section! There is real closeness in the family of God. When we call each other ‘brother’ or ‘sister’, we really mean it. And our love and bonds of fellowship often span long distances. I enjoy seeing this in every phrase in this chapter.

GNT Translation notes:
Rom. 16:17 I urge you, my friends: watch out for those who cause divisions and upset people's [belief in Christ//faith] and go against the teaching which you have received. Keep away from them!
22 I, Tertius, the [secretary who wrote this letter for Paul//writer of this letter], send you Christian greetings.
25 Let us give glory to God! He is able to make you stand firm in your [believing//faith], according to the Good News I preach about Jesus Christ and according to the revelation of the secret truth which was hidden for long ages in the past.

NLT Translation note:
Ps. 115:8 And those who make idols [will be//are] just like them,
as [so will be//are] all who trust in them.