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Oct 19, 2019

This book should make modern day ‘prophets’ reconsider what they do in the Lord’s name. In this book we have heard again and again that the Lord will punish those who prophesy falsely. And in the part about the wood of a vine being useless in yesterday’s reading, there is only one useful thing a grape vine does, and this is bear grapes. And God was saying that since Israel did not bear the proper fruit, He would judge them, and do this without delay. The complaints become even more graphic in today’s reading.

For a number of years now, Isaiah has marked the end of my year. We will be reading Isaiah in our poetry portions until day number three hundred and 65. Since I start my readings anew every January 1st, I always enjoy the preparation Isaiah gives for Christmas, and also the correspondences with Revelation in the New Testament, which we also will read at the end of our reading calendar.

Isaiah was written between 739 and 681 BC. I am of the opinion that the break in material at chapter 40 does not signal a different author. Isaiah simply was older and the Lord gave him different messages at the end of his life. Isaiah was a man of royal blood and of high standing.

In the New Testament, Isaiah is the most frequently quoted OT book. Isaiah has 66 chapters and the Bible has 66 books. Further, Isaiah dIvides just where the testaments break, with 40 corresponding to Matthew in the NT. The first part of Isaiah deals with God’s judgment on Judah and on other nations. The senselessness of idolatry is preached against all the way through Isaiah. In Isaiah we can also see two comings for Christ, with Isaiah giving the wonderful 53rd chapter about the suffering Servant (Christ), and his coming in power is spoken about in chapter 34.

Today we hear the second half of the crucifixion events.

GNT Translation note:
Ez. 16:23 The Sovereign Lord [says//said], “You are doomed! Doomed! You did all that evil, and then
Mat. 27:40 “You were going to tear down the Temple and build it back up in three days! [Go on and] Save yourself if you are God's Son! Come on down from the cross!”
56 Among them were Mary  [from the village of Magdala//Magdalene], Mary the mother of James and Joseph ([who were Jesus’ half-brothers//0]), and the wife of Zebedee.

NLT Translation note:
Mat. 27:56 Among them were Mary [from the village of Magdala//Magdalene], Mary (the mother of James and Joseph ([who were Jesus’ half-brothers//0]), and the mother of James and John, the sons of Zebedee.