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Shovels for Digging Deeper

Apr 26, 2017

These sites will help you dig deeper!

And please share the results or questions from your digging at

Lumina.Bible includes these translations: New English Translation (NET), ESV, HCSB, International Standard Version, and NASB. This site makes it easy to view the 60,000 footnotes in the NET. You can see the original Hebrew and Greek and each word is defined for you, and if you are viewing the NET, you can see how each word is translated. And don't miss Thomas Constable's Notes on every book of the Bible! This is a treasure of 40 years of scholarly research by Thomas L. Constable, who retired from Dallas Theological Seminary in 2011. One of the great features of Constable's Notes is that he quotes for so many other great resources. Register for an ID and the site will remember your colored highlights, the content of your tabs, and the notes you make! 

My WORDsearch Bible

The main reason I come to this site is to access the Holman (HCSB) Study Bible, which is accessed via the Library icon on the left. Researching the meaning of source language words is easy to do. Register for an ID and the site will remember your colored highlights, the content of your tabs, and the notes you make!

If you click on a blue verse number at this site, you will get a comparison page that shows that verse in all of their translations, and then it gives you several older commentaries. I often find useful information in the Pulpit Commentary, and not so much in Matthew Henry. In verse comparison mode, click on the Hebrew or Greek heading and you will see a very useful interlinear page for the verse. I find this especially useful for OT Hebrew verses. (The word order is top to bottom, not right to left!)



This site is great for studying Hebrew or Greek, especially Greek. Also, if you are looking for other languages, this site has a huge list. (Our TSI Plain Indonesian is not yet one of them.)

This site includes the Lexham English Bible (LEB) and the Faithlife Study Bible from Logos. The study Bible includes information from distinguished scholars. They are sometimes not as conservative as the two study sites that lead this list.

Another very useful site for researching the original biblical texts:

For versions, you can also check out

And for commentaries check out