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Jan 25, 2020

In yesterday's reading, Joseph interpreted two dreams. He said something significant: Interpreting dreams is God’s business.

JOB 25:
Yesterday Job said,

Why doesn't God set a time for judging, a day of justice for those who serve him? (Job 24:1)

And speaking of the helpless and downtrodden he said,


Jan 24, 2020

In Genesis yesterday, some listeners to these podcasts were probably shocked. We heard the less than auspicious beginnings of Judah's line— particularly involving Tamar, who was more righteous than Judah. Then we heard of Joseph working for Potiphar and then being thrown in jail. Even in jail, he rose to...

Jan 23, 2020

GENESIS 38-39:
In yesterday's reading, we heard of Joseph's dreams, his brothers' jealousy, and Joseph being sold into slavery in Egypt.

JOB 23:
Yesterday Eliphaz said:

GNT 4 It is not because you stand in awe of God
that he reprimands you and brings you to trial.
5 No, it's because you have sinned so much;
it's because...

Jan 22, 2020

The focus of Genesis 36 was on the descendants of Esau, and the ethnic groups they spawned.

JOB 22:
In chapter 21, Job gave a very convincing argument that God does not always punish wicked people— refuting what Zophar said. Today Eliphaz begins the third set of exchanges between Job and his ‘friends’....

Jan 21, 2020

Jacob's daughter Dinah was raped, and the perpetrator Shechem was killed and all the males in his town. God then told Jacob to return to Bethel. At the end of yesterday’s reading, Rachel and Grampa Isaak died.

JOB 21:
In Zophar's angry speech yesterday in chapter 20, he did not directly say that Job was...