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Sep 2, 2017

My next trip to Indonesia starts on September 5, and I will be back home on the 26th of October, which will make 7 weeks total time away from home. I’m hoping that you will pray for me and Gale whenever the Lord brings us to mind.

Gale and I talk every day while I am on these trips. But it is not like having her with...

Jul 23, 2017

Hello and greetings! I’m thankful that you are listening to my news. In this episode I will tell you about

  • Changes to the DBRP web site, and our new web address
  • A new feature soon to appear on our DBRP listening app
  • What?! Now Phil has a secretary?!
  • Changing the way the NET podcast will be structured and re-releasing...

Jun 20, 2017


Hi Friends!

If you happen to be a new listener, this is a news update from Phil at the Daily Bible Reading Podcast. To find out about our Bible reading plan and podcasts, please see If you are a new listening to the Daily Bible Reading podcast, I invite you to join our Digging Deeper...

Apr 8, 2017

Hi, Friends!

I'm back from a productive trip to Indonesia and want to share some prayer requests with you. First, the edition 2.2 Plain Indonesian New Testament (TSI) is being printed now. 8,000 will be printed this month, and about that same number soon afterward. Please pray that God will help everyone involved in...

Feb 26, 2017

Hi, Everyone!

Thanks for any of you who have prayed for me— in Indonesia, and for Gale who is at home in Arkansas.

Someone just asked me at church, “So how’s it going with that, uh, ya know— project you are doing?” I know by now that I have 2 minutes or less to answer such questions. And I’m sure that I do...